Croatia, destination for the whole family

Ivana Bosancic

February 6th 2019

What greater joy can one experience than creating lifelong memories with his beloved ones?

Traveling is a hunt for adventures and not only does it stronger your bond as a family, but it also has positive effects on children. As the old saying goes: Not all classrooms have 4 walls.

Not a lot of things are as educational as immersing yourself in entirely new cultures. A world full of diversities is a world full of possibilities, and your kids experience that first hand.

Croatia takes great pride in its historical richness.

What better way to learn about history than visiting ancient Roman UNESCO protected Diocletian’s palace in Split or walking on famous city walls of UNESCO gem Dubrovnik where every stone tells a story. The tiny historic center of the city of Trogir has even been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List for its unique architecture.

And if your child’s favorite subject in school is biology, fear not!

Mediterranean climate provides sight on beautiful landscapes your kids will remember in years to come. There is no greater creation than the creation of nature. Explore flora and fauna on wooden paths of UNESCO protected Plitvice Lakes National Park while enjoying the view on multiple surrounding waterfalls.

Your children can also enjoy the numerous Croatian beaches. After all, the Adriatic coast has been “guilty” of compelling people for enjoyment and relaxation. The indented coastline has provided a wealth of beautiful islands and Hvar is known as the sunniest of them all. No one will appreciate outdoor activities on fresh air better than the youngest ones.

Trying new things is one of the many benefits of traveling, and that also includes trying out the local cuisine. Who doesn’t like a good meal?

Hodilje is a seafood paradise perfect for developing your flavor buds. Experience freshness and tastefulness of seafood on the appreciated oyster farm, but fear not, we can have something a little bit more child-friendly on the menu just for them. Your children will gain new experience in embracing adventures that are outside their common everyday routine. It’s a great teachable moment; without saying any word.

Learning about diverse cultures and customs has a great impact on your personal growth, especially with the youngest ones. Many studies have shown positive impact travels have on the growth of feelings of tolerance and respect in a child towards others.

And of course, the time you spend as a family is priceless; it’s a break from routine spent in laughter, communication and strengthening your family bonds.

That’s where we come in. Private Tours Croatia’s tailor-made tours crafted entirely to your wishes will make your journey truly your own signature experience..

You will always cherish moments that leave you breathless. So why not create them together?

“Travelling in the company of those we love is home in motion”

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