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  • Date
    26 May 2016
  • Review by traveler
    R. Brad Kim
  • Overall impression

    My two sisters and I were referred to Ante from our cousin who told us 'trust me, he will put together the most memorable trip of your lifetimes.' That was a big vision to live up to, but Ante and his team did precisely that. We told him what the goals of our trip were (experience the culture and natural environment, get to know some locals, eat incredible local cuisine, and not be burdened by crowded tours) and he accomplished each one of them. We felt safe the entire time and were surprised by the fact that everyone he set up for us knew our itinerary, made recommendations, were very knowledgeable on the history of Croatia, friendly and engaging. I can't wait to come back. If you do go to Croatia, definitely contact Ante and tell him what your goals of your trip are. Also, ask for Miško as your driver!

  • Date
    17 June 2015
  • Review by traveler
    Mike Sharkey
  • Overall impression

    To whom it may concern:

    I highly recommend www.private-tours-croatia.com to anyone looking for a fabulous private tour of Slovenia and Croatia. With a well-developed team of professional drivers and guidesthroughout the region, co-owner Ante Vuckovic, was able to put together an unforgettable itinerary for my wife and I and another couple that included Slovenia, Istria, Plitvice Lakes, Zadar, Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik. Along the way we experienced: amazing scenery, fascinating historical sites, lovely clean cities to stroll around in and some of the most delicious foods and tasty wines ever.

    Working with Ante was such a pleasure. He is very knowledgeable about the region and was always accommodating and organized during our itinerary planning process. We were able to communicate directly via email as well as his private telephone line that had a USA phone number, but was answered in Split. It was very reassuring to be able to speak directly with Ante whenever it became necessary.

    Our 4 and 5 star hotel accommodations were excellent --- clean, spacious rooms with very courteous and helpful staffs. We prefer small, quaint boutique hotels close to the center of town. In this regard, Ante really came thru as each hotel was more fun than the other.

    All of our spacious and comfortable air-conditioned vans looked new, were very clean, and provided great visibility from all seats. Our professional chauffeurs spoke English and were able to act as impromptu guides when needed. The licensed on-site guides that Ante booked for us were amazing. All were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their country’s culture.

    To say that this vacation was one of our most enjoyable would be an understatement. Everything went like clockwork. Absolutely no stress, just lots of fun! An added high-light to our trip was meeting Ante, as we had the good-fortune of having a delightful dinner with him while we were in Split. He is as charming in person as on the phone, and it was very evident that he loves his profession and takes great pride in providing his clients with the best travel experience possible.

    Thanks Ante for making our trip so special. We look forward to working with you again, as we plan a return trip to your beautiful country.

  • Date
    28 September 2014
  • Review by traveler
    Miguel Hissa
  • Overall impression

    We want to thank you and your team that conducted our tour in Croatia

    Everything was perfect.. Cars, Hotels, Guides, Drivers, etc.

    We like to thank particularly to Mr. Nikola, Mr. Leo, Mrs Tea Batinic and to other Lady in Split Mrs... ( I can not know how to write her name... sorry for that) for the professional way they take care of us.

    I will recommend your agency to all my friends that want to visit Croatia, and who knows maybe one day I will come back

  • Date
    28 August 2014
  • Review by traveler
    Miguel Hissa
  • Overall impression

    In summary our experience was truly excellent in every way!

    The location, condition and amenities of the hotel in Split were all perfect.

    Leo was a pleasure, his background as an art historian provided valuable layers of richness and meaning to all of our outings. We especially appreciated the few off-program detours that he shared with us. He was professional, knowledgeable and very easy to be with. The program of activities you assembled was a perfect fit for us.

    The journey through Mostar and to Dubrovnik was also very comfortable and enjoyable.

    Our experience in Dubrovnik was likewise outstanding: Villa Dubrovnik was everything one could expect from a 5-star hotel, a superior experience in every regard.

    Our guide Kristina was another great encounter, a perfect combination of professionalism, deep knowledge of the area and great fun to be with. All our outings with her were perfect.

    Beyond this, all our transfers were exactly where and when they were expected and all drivers were very professional and accommodating.

  • Date
    10 October 2016
  • Review by traveler
    Marci Lazarowitz
  • Overall impression

    We loved every minute of it. You planned something very special for us and we were thrilled. From the spot on transfers, our fabulous driver Dario, the wine tastings, and food pairings, the oyster experience, the island hopping, the tours, towns and restaurants, not even mentioning our hotels.

    Hvala for everything. We miss Croatia and want to come back!

  • Date
    07 July 2016
  • Review by traveler
    Marike Hendriksz
  • Overall impression

    This is just a personal note to thank you again very warmly for the perfect trip you planned for us in Croatia.

    From the minute we started engaging with emails I knew i liked the approach of this team! They are my kind of people.

    Warm, helpful, kind, understanding and knowledgeable.

    We enjoyed every single guide and driver and they created a lovely atmosphere which we could enjoy. We felt safe with their driving and they also shared valuable knowledge with us which was appreciated by all. You truly chose your people well.

    I only have compliments for each and every day of our tour and would book with you any, any time!!!

    Many thanks and hope we can work together again in the future some time.

  • Date
    25 May 2016
  • Review by traveler
    Michele Kirn
  • Overall impression

    Ante set up the perfect trip for myself and my two siblings. When looking to take a trip to Europe, we wanted something where we could get to know the culture, see pretty sights and have an adventure. Croatia has all of that and the way the trip was put together was perfect. Everyone we came in contact with was helpful and overly nice. We truly got to know the culture through the tours, dinner at a local family's house, boat rides, hiking, national parks, an oyster farm with fresh lunch, several wineries and delicious sea food. We did the southern coast of Croatia which was perfect. I can't wait to come back and explore more of Croatia and possibly see the people we met along the way! Would DEFINITELY recommend!

  • Date
    12 May 2015
  • Review by traveler
    Elyna Effendi
  • Overall impression

    We visited Croatia early April and the weather was not what we expected at first. We landed into Zagreb and we were not prepared for the weather, which was much colder and windier than usual at about 12 degrees Celsius.

    April and May are actually the best times to visit Croatia because it starts getting incredibly busy from June onwards, where many European tourists will come to their beautiful islands for their holidays.

    In Zagreb, we stayed at the Esplanade Hotel, it was really lovely, perfectly located in the centre of the city with a beautiful park just behind it too for the kids to run around in. I believe it is one of their oldest hotels and historic building as well where much of the original materials in the hotel still remain.

    Opatija is one of our favourite places now in the world and we stayed in a gorgeous boutique hotel called the Bevanda Hotel. It only has 10 rooms so the service was obviously personalised and we were very well looked after.

    In Split, Luxe Hotel was a great choice because of its location. The design was a little too ‘funky’ for us but the service made up for it. It was just a few minutes walk to the Diocletian Palace, which is the main site to visit.

    In Dubrovnik, the breathtaking views from the Villa Dubrovnik is nothing less than what we imagined and saw from their website, with flawless service, food and immaculate rooms. We absolutely loved it.

    The Croatians are slightly stoic when you first meet them, but this quickly fades once you strike up conversation. It may be due to their history, which, after many tours later, we found out was even more tumultuous that we had first thought. Their most recent war was of course still fresh in most of their minds but they are very positive people who look forward to a much brighter future under their current leadership.

    If we had gone during the summer, the children could have had some time in the sea but we have beach and sea in our region all the time so they didn’t seem to mind. We kept the tours short and interesting also which was important.

    There are almost too many things to recommend, but the Istrian Region is beautiful. They have a lot of vineyards, olive trees and also truffle forest areas which may remind some of Tuscany perhaps.

    Opatija reminded me of Cannes and Monaco, but maybe from 15 or 20 years ago. We hired a large van for our family with a driver throughout the 10 days while we were there, which is perhaps the best option because we managed to see such a lot of the country this way.

    We visited the Plitvice Lakes, which was incredible. I have seen many natural beautiful environments but these lakes were almost surreal in that it felt you landed in a Fairyland of sorts with the small cascading lakes and falls.

    Split and Dubrovnik are two great places to visit as well with a lot of historical building and towns nearby with great food and sites. Truffle hunting and eating fresh oysters at a private oyster farm were also highlights.

    Their food is a mix of Italian and Austrian food. We could just as easily have pizzas and pastas as well as their local favourites, which were mainly centred around fresh seafood or even veal schnitzels. It was the season for their local asparagus so we had a lot of that too. Of course we had quite a lot of truffles too as they are famous in that region for that.

    They are ‘bread-eating’ people, so we had fresh local breads constantly with different local flavours. Stews of meats were also often seen on menus there so we were not short of things to try.

    Go to Croatia with little expectation so that you allow yourself to be blown away! We didn't know what to expect so that was part of the fun to be honest.

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