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Luxury Dalmatia

Dalmatia is the crown jewel amongst Croatian regions. With interesting history and depth of culture just underneath the surface of vast natural beauty and interesting people it can rally offer a lot in small area. Discover the wine and food of the region by combining the land tour with the island ours in this amazing part of Croatia.

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UNESCO sites Croatia tour

Croatia has a long and rich history as well as amazing position on the map. This contributes for 7 UNESCO sites in such a small country. Our tours will discover these sites and stories behind them which lead to them being protected for the generations to come.

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Slovenia and Croatia luxury tour

Slovenia and Croatia are independant countries now, but both have shared the same faith for centuries, from Habsburg Monarchy over Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes to Yugoslavia followed with independance only to be reunited in European Union. Combining Croatia and Slovenia on the same tour will take you on the historic journey of similarity and difference in these two Slavic countries both of which were always facing west when it came to their choices.

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Why us?


Private Tours Croatia is dedicated to making your voyage as close to what you always dreamed of. We provide highly adjustable tailor made tours which are made to suit your needs and wishes.

Our team will also help you with advices and suggestions while tailoring a tour to suit you the best, avoiding all the small traps that lay in the way of you dream vacation.

Tour planning

The idea behind private tours is to get to know the country you are visiting on a personal level, having your own driver and licensed guide who will help you uncover the layers of local traditions, great food, culture and history. This is not possible as a part of a larger group.

By booking a private tour you get not only a high level service but also a private insight into a country you are visiting, with your guides and chauffeurs being a subtle addition to your group making your stay as enjoyable as possible, without interfering with your wishes. In any given time if you desire to, you are able to make a break and wonder at the beauties of Croatia, to take a timeout and cash in that "million dollar view".

Tailor made

Tours that are found on this website are easily reshaped to fulfill your needs. We have tailored them as an example using our experience based on wishes of individual travelers in Croatia.

If you would like to add a service or maybe get one day “off” for leisure it can all be easily arranged.

Tours reshaped to fulfill Your needs.

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