Hvar City - see on Honeymoon Croatia

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Active tour of Croatia

Croatia offers a huge range of possibilities when it comes to active holidays. From hiking in national parks to sea kayaking with unique views on UNESCO protected cities, to rafting in clear karst rivers and biking on some of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, we provide unique experiences to incorporate in your tour.

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Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia and Montenegro Tour

Visiting four different countries from the region which have spent a long time in the same union offer an insight into differences and similarities between them, the abundance of history and natural beauties.

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Highlights of Croatia tour

The diversity that a small country like Croatia has to offer is not easy to find. From the continental Middle European parts to Istria also known as Croatian Tuscany, fairytale Plitvice lakes to the pure Mediterranean with Dalmatia by changing regions, landscapes, and climate zones You will get a feeling of covering more countries than one. Let us take you on a tour that would combine all the major highlights and experiences Croatia has to offer.

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Honeymoon Croatia

Making your honeymoon memorable in Croatia is really easy, amazing views, unique experiences, and romantic moments await for you, the newlyweds. Dive into romance at it’s best with the twist of unique and luxury Croatia with our tours. You just need to show up!

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Jewish Heritage of Croatia

Jewish communities in Croatia like in the rest of Europe left a significant mark on the culture, way of life, and doing things. Touring Croatia with the focus being on the Jewish heritage will give you a sense of the achievement and hardship of Jewish culture in Croatia, with some of the oldest synagogues and communities in this part of Europe.

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Luxury Dalmatia

Dalmatia is the crown jewel amongst Croatian regions. With an interesting history and depth of culture just underneath the surface of vast natural beauty and interesting people, it can really offer a lot in a small area. Discover the wine and food of the region by combining the land tour with the island tours in this amazing part of Croatia.

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Slovenia and Croatia Luxury Tour

Slovenia and Croatia are independent countries now, but both have shared the same faith for centuries, from Habsburg Monarchy over Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes to Yugoslavia followed with independence only to be reunited in European Union. Combining Croatia and Slovenia on the same tour will take you on the historic journey of similarity and difference in these two Slavic countries both of which were always facing west when it came to their choices.

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UNESCO sites Croatia tour

Croatia has a long and rich history as well as an amazing position on the map. This contributes to 7 UNESCO sites in such a small country. Our tours will discover these sites and the stories behind them which lead to them being protected for the generations to come.

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Venice and Croatia tour

Venice has ruled most of coastal Croatia for almost four centuries, leaving a mark on the way of life, cuisine, culture, and history. Our tours will take you from Venice down the eastern Adriatic coastline visiting the regions which were under the Venetian rule to Dubrovnik, once a fierce enemy of Venice.

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Wine tour of Croatia

Top Croatian wine regions have more than a millennium old traditions in producing wine. Find out where Zinfandel started its journey and pair it along with other local wine varieties with some of the best local food on this immersive tour.

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