Flight Network Recommends Private Tours Croatia

August 29th 2018

We have always been committed to offering tourists and visitors to Croatia unforgettable experiences. So when the global travel agency Flight Network recently posted their list of amazing tours to try out when on vacation in Split we were of course on that list!

Flight Network https://www.flightnetwork.com/destinations/Croatia.shtm is a leading travel agency, and many travelers worldwide use their services and follow their advice when looking for magical destinations around the world.

As a traveler, it can be difficult to maneuver all the options of tours and experiences when you are traveling to a new place which is why Flight Network helps out by publishing regular blog post on how you can spend 72 hours exploring these new locations.

When Flight Network compiled a list of the absolute best tours in Split Croatia in the post “72 Hours to Explore Land and Sea In Split” https://www.flightnetwork.com/blog/72-hours-to-explore-land-and-sea-in-split/, they had this to say about Private Tours Croatia:

Another great option for a tour on your last day and another option to create your very own custom tour is to go with Private Tours Croatia. This is a super dedicated tour company which is making it super easy for you to tailor and create your own tour experience. For your own tours you’ll have a private guide and get a cool insight into this region of the beautiful country of Croatia.

At Private Tours Croatia we are indeed passionate about creating magical memories for our guests and always offer an experience with the best most knowledgeable guides so you will both learn and have fun exploring the beautiful Croatian country. The tours are always crafted to your expectations so you can go on a tour no one else has gone on before.

We appreciate Flight Network adding us to this great list, and we are looking forward to hearing from new guests who are ready to create their own spectacular tours while visiting Split Croatia!

Let us tailor Your dream vacation.