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How it works

1. Request a tour

After reaching our page, you submit a "trip request form" with basic information about the tour you would like to have.

2. Initial tour itinerary proposal

Depending on Your preferences we can either call you or we can continue communication via email. Here we fine tune the tour to make sure that you get the tour which would suit you the best. Multiple itinerary proposals are made in this step.

3. Communication with the agents

With the information provided in the trip request form we make an initial itinerary proposal and send it to you, the client for your consideration.

4. Finalizing the tour

After we agree on the final version of the tour, we make the Final itinerary proposal with the time option (depending on the availability of resources, anything from 48h to 5 days).

5. Advance payment

To confirm the tour, it is requested to pay 30% of the total amount, this amount is to be paid within the time option specified in the Final itinerary proposal.

6. Settling the balance

One month before the tour start the remaining amount is to be paid (unless specified differently in advance).

7. Travel documentation

Upon receiving the final payment travel documentation is sent to the clients usually within a week of the payment.

8. On the tour

While on the tour an agent would be available 24/7 assisting when and if needed.